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Palladium Insurance is an independent insurance brokerage firm offering home, auto, commercial, travel, and health insurance protection to our clients in both Ontario and Quebec. We are licensed in Ontario and Quebec. All of our staff is fluently bilingual (French - English). We will search the market place on your behalf to find insurance products best suited to your needs. We work for you to obtain the best value for your insurance dollar.

Our goal is to maintain and improve our professional knowledge. We strive to provide our customers and business partners a level of service that exceeds their expectations. We guide our clients in the choices available to manage their risk and take the necessary steps to improve their knowledge of the insurance industry.

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The fight to end distracted driving starts with you. I pledge to leave the phone alone while driving

Insurance Products

Personal Insurance

Palladium can provide comprehensive insurance protection to protect you, your family, your home and your assets. Now that is peace of mind! Our customer service record speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on delivering individualized, un-biased options. We design custom coverage plans, from a broad range of insurers.

Commercial Insurance

Palladium creates policies to protect your business premises, contents and employees. No matter the size of your business, or the type of business you operate our broad selection of customized solutions will cater to your needs. Our products allow you to run your business with the knowledge that you are protected from unforeseen loss.

Financial Insurance

Successful business leaders know that building a strong workforce and promoting health and wellness does much to encourage loyalty and enhance productivity—which in turn means higher profits. From pensions to life insurance, health plans and employee assistance options, we can help you choose from a range of products that result in the kind of group benefit plan that keeps you a healthy distance ahead of the competition.


Sylvie Forget-Swim
Sylvie Forget-Swim Partner
Monique Oliver
Monique Oliver Partner
Cory Villeneuve
Cory Villeneuve Partner
Tim Snelling
Tim Snelling Partner
Greg Strahl
Greg Strahl Partner

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Lee-Anne Malouin
Lee-Anne Malouin Office Manager
Viviane Plourde
Viviane Plourde Reception
Anne-Marie Caron
Anne-Marie Caron Reception
Sandra Boileau
Sandra Boileau New Business Coordinator
Susan Crawford
Susan Crawford Administrative Assistant
Shauna Mochilan
Shauna Mochilan Administrative Assistant
Tammy Banks
Tammy Banks Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Chris Barrette
Chris Barrette Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Sylvie Cousineau
Sylvie Cousineau Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Sophie Hotte
Sophie Hotte Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Carol Huot
Carol Huot Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Denyse Lalonde
Denyse Lalonde Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Chris Lavigne
Chris Lavigne Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Marjolaine Lalonde
Marjolaine Lalonde Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Josee Payant
Josee Payant Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Ginette Roy
Ginette Roy Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Janick Shank
Janick Shank Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Sarah Wiens
Sarah Wiens Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Annette Verret
Annette Verret Personal Lines Insurance Broker
Colleen Herbert-Jardine
Colleen Herbert-Jardine Commercial Lines Insurance Broker
Russell Ullyatt
Russell Ullyatt Commercial Lines Insurance Broker
Gavin Mosley
Gavin Mosley Senior Account Executive, group Benefits
Jocelyne Lowry
Jocelyne Lowry Service Specialist
Mavis Sholdice
Mavis Sholdice Account Executive
Tina Harvey
Tina Harvey Account Executive


If you’ve been in a traffic accident, remember...

As difficult as it may seem, it is important that you remain calm.

Do not argue with other drivers and passengers. Save your story for the police.

Do not voluntarily assume liability or take responsibility, sign statements regarding fault, or promise to pay for damage at the scene of the accident.

Be careful of unauthorized tow truck operators pressuring you to have your vehicle towed, demanding immediate payment for the tow, or attempting to take your vehicle to a garage or body shop of their choice. Ask the police for the name of an authorized tow truck operator.

  1. Attend to any persons involved.
  2. If necessary, move yourself and injured persons out of any areas of immediate danger such as fire or traffic.
  3. Administer first aid if necessary. Only administer the level of first aid that you are qualified to perform.
  4. Do not admit liability or promise to pay for expenses incurred by injured persons.
  5. Call or ask a bystander to call 9-1-1 or the emergency number for police, ambulance and/or fire department if necessary.
  1. Protect any damaged property or evidence from further damage (as long as the protection is at a reasonable cost). As an insured, it is your duty to minimize the damage to the extent possible.
  2. Complete an accident report. The accident report should include at a minimum: names and contact information for the reporter and witnesses; a detailed description of the accident; and a description of injuries and property damage.
  3. Promptly notify us of the possible claim. If an employee is injured, claims should be reported to the Workers’ Compensation Board.
  4. Keep the report on file.
In case of emergency, dial 9-1-1
Contact Us (613) 824-0441 During business hours
In case of emergency, dial 9-1-1
After Hours Urgent Care

Urgent Care After Hours

For after-hours emergency care, contact the insurance company directly. Your insurance company’s name is on the top of your pink insurance card.

  • Aviva
  • The Dominion/Chieftain
  • Economical, Perth, Waterloo
  • Gore
  • Intact - Jevco
  • The Guarantee
  • Royal Sun & Alliance
  • Unica
  • Wawanessa

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